Shopping Cart Recovery


Why we do it.

Stolen and abandoned shopping carts are becoming more and more of a nuisance throughout our beautiful city of Anchorage as the number of people experiencing poverty, homelessness, and addiction is growing exponentially. 

These wayward carts cost stores tens of thousands of dollars in replacement costs and lost sales, and the blight they create negatively impacts a stores local reputation.

 They can create hazards for pedestrians and vehicular traffic blocking pathways and drives. Carts are also often used to construct illegal shelters by people experiencing homelessness and to transport their belongings and waste.

Sourdough Services LLC is looking to curb the issue of wayward carts before it becomes such a nuisance that the city has no choice but to start passing ordinances that negatively affect the retail and grocer businesses that serve our community. Municipalities around the country are cracking down on stray carts, passing laws that fine retailers for each cart found and charging storage fees for carts picked up by city services until retrieved or destroyed.

How we do it.

Sourdough Services cart recovery will return viable carts to the nearest store that the cart belongs to or to a central location if desired to limit crossing cart stock of other same company store locations. Photographs will be taken and locations of carts found will be mapped or documented.

We can clean and sanitize carts, dispose of carts that have reached the end of their lifecycle, and conduct light maintenance and repairs; providing your carts with a longer service life making your dollars stretch further for you. 

 Your customers will appreciate the cleaner neighborhoods, parks and streets and being "Green" is in! Reusing carts reduces waste and pollution and is a positive topic customers can associate your store with!

Your company will appreciate the savings and benefits experienced when you don't have to send management off site to collect carts when there is a busy store to run, as well as not having to purchase near as many new carts - wasting money on treating carts as a disposable item and leaving them to litter our cities. 

Call us today to find out how Sourdough Services can benefit your business and our community! 

Not convinced that carts are an issue you should worry about? These pictures below show just a small fraction of the carts that have made their way away from their home store.